fish oil

Health benefits of Fish oil

 Protect yourself from air pollution
Omega-3 fatty acid supplements offer protection against the adverse cardiac and lipid effects associated with air pollution exposure, which makes them a must especially if you live in the city.

Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis


If you have joint pain of any kind, you can cut the inflammatory process in half by taking fish oil daily.

Reduce the signs of aging

Adding fish like salmon to your diet at least twice a week is a great way to boost your omega-3 intake.

Improve fat burning

The insulin-sensitizing ability of DHA, the anti-inflammatory benefits of EPA, and the fat burning benefits of both make choosing a supplement containing significant amounts of each a good idea.

Boost brain power and memory

A diet lacking in omega-3 fatty acids, may cause your brain to age faster and lose some of its memory and thinking abilities. Add it to your daily supplement list to keep your brain healthy through the years.

Preserve lean muscle

Remember, muscle is metabolically active and burns calories even while you sleep. Adding in fish oil will help preserve muscle, even while dieting.

Improve bone health

The authors concluded that omega-3s appear to be a vital constituent of healthy modelling bone and maintaining bone mineral density. In addition to the above supplements, be sure to add in a regular strength training routine to prevent osteoporosis.



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