Doctor saves passenger's life

Doctor saves passenger’s life at 30,000ft using just a spoon and a toothpick

A man has been hailed for saving a co-passenger’s life at 30,000ft after he was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

Tian Yu, a medic for Lonhua Hospital in Shanghai, was on the Air China flight from Kashgar to Urumqi in China when cabin crew announced that a doctor was needed.


Making his way to the front of the aircraft he recognized that the man had had an epileptic seizure – and requested a spoon… and a toothpick.

He claims he had to be ‘creative’ because the aircraft had limited supplies, but by using the spoon to hold down his patient’s tongue he managed to prevent him from choking [NB: see panel below – standard UK advice is never to put anything in the mouth of anyone having an epileptic fit. The exact circumstances surrounding this particular incident are unavailable].

One the seizure had ended, Yu, who has worked in A&E for seven years, used a toothpick to stimulate the pressure points on the man’s head and ‘activate his brain’.



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