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Our body clock to help prevent cancer?

Our body clock to help prevent cancer?

A new study published in the journal PLOS Biology suggests that the way that experts approach optimizing cancer treatment may need to be rethought to include factors relating to the biological, or “circadian,” clock.


We all have a biological clock, which is tasked with helping us to maintain our daily cycles of rest and activity by running in sync with the cycles of light and dark in our environment. Another natural cycle in our body is “the cell cycle,” which controls the multiplication of our body’s cells.

Both the cell cycle and biological clock can be disrupted by cancer In fact, in many cancers, a dysfunctional cell cycle enables the tumor to multiply uncontrollably.

Experts know that the biological clock plays a role in regulating time-dependent processes within the body, including metabolism, DNA repair, and the cell cycle. And in the new study, researchers from Charité-Medical University in Berlin, Germany, explored whether or not the biological clock may also be able to suppress tumors.

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