Monday , 16 September 2019

About me

Here is a little about me.

My name is Honeliat Ephrem ( MD). I have studied Medicine in St. Paul’s Millennium Medical College and graduated with the First Batch in Nov, 2013.

Dr. Honeliat


I have created this page to give out health tips about common health problems in our society. Here is a video of our Graduation from ETV. 


  1. Dear Dr. Honeliat,
    I am very proud of you. Ethiopia needs individuals like you. Keep it up!!

  2. It is hopeful starting! please keep it up!

  3. Dr. adnakish negn

  4. grate job doc thak you for your health tip

  5. Dear Dr. Holeliat

    You are doing a remarkable job and i would like to appreciate your work and thank you for your valuable information.

  6. you are beautiful from the inside and outside i will share your posts all the time that is all i want say

  7. really this is great work,keep it up!

  8. Wondwosen Tilahun

    Dr. Keep it up

  9. In the world, there are small number of girls who want to serve thier country and socity in thier younger age. U r one of them…..GBU, doc!
    Thanks for ur continual health tips. Hope it helps for all……
    Keep going!

  10. Hi,

    Please, prepare a kind of workshop to show what you are doing, how many people following you and how this kind of treatment works. It would be best for other doctors especially doctors who are old and don’t have any background knowledge of how to use internet for such kind of advice.

    Thanks a lot. Keep it up!

  11. Hello Dr Honeliat, I proud of your work keep it up.i liked your fb page and i always watch your updates thank you……

  12. Well Done!

    Your great contribution of health Tips sharing reaches huge number of our society!!

    Keep up your good work. GOD bless you.

  13. Berhanu Hailesealssie

    Keep up Your vision, Thanks Dr.

  14. your blog is cool, and ur work is nice really.

  15. Dear Dr Honelyat i would like to appreciate your great effort to help us to be healthy .i learn a lot of things to use for my life from your program. thank you very much keep it up .

  16. Dr. first i really appreciate your initiation and what you are doing now.
    However you said that, ” I have created this page to give out health tips about common health problems in our society. ” but how can you reach to the larger population while while using english as a medium, or are you thinking that those who can use internet also perfect in understanding it.


  18. It’s wonderful keep it up !!

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