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Risk factors of high Cholesterol

High cholesterol

You’re more likely to have high cholesterol that can lead to heart disease if you have any of these risk factors: Smoking. Cigarette smoking damages the walls of your blood vessels, making them likely to accumulate fatty deposits. Smoking may also lower your level of HDL, or “good,” cholesterol. Obesity. Having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater ...

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Cholesterol lowering foods

1. Oats If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol, the key may be simply changing your morning meal. Switching up your breakfast to contain two servings of oats can lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) by 5.3% in only 6 weeks. The key to this cholesterol buster is beta-glucan, a substance in oats that absorbs LDL, which your body then ...

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