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Medical Mystery: The Boy Who Doesn’t Want To Eat

12-year-old, Landon Jones, a once healthy young boy from Iowa, is now withering away because he doesn’t have the urge to eat or drink.  His parents Michael and Debbie have told reporters that he has lost a total of 40% of his body weight over the past year.  He was once a healthy young boy at 104 pounds, but started ...

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Nine-Month-Old Baby Can’t Open His Mouth

Baby can't open his mouth

Nine-month-old Wyatt Scott was born with a rare disorder called congenital trismus, which prevents him from opening his mouth. When Wyatt was born in June 2014 in Ottawa, Canada, doctors were immediately alarmed that he couldn’t open his mouth — fearing he could not breathe and would need to be intubated, according to the Scotts’ blog. He spent three months ...

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