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UK Ebola patient gets experimental drug

William Pooley, the first Briton to contract Ebola during this outbreak, has been given the experimental drug ZMapp. His doctors say Mr Pooley is a “remarkable and resilient young man” and he “couldn’t be in a better place”. The volunteer nurse from Eyke, Suffolk, was exposed to Ebola while working with patients in Sierra Leone. He returned to the UK ...

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US Company Says It Has Shipped All Available Doses of Its Experimental Ebola Drug to West Africa

An American company has confirmed that it has shipped all available doses of its experimental drug, used in treating Ebola infection, to West Africa. Some 961 people have died from the hemorrhagic fever in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria since March during the largest Ebola outbreak in history. “In responding to the request received this weekend from a West ...

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